We Are The Dream Brothers!

The Dream Brothers' songs are passionate, fearlessly open-hearted, contemporary anthems and art songs with a unique visionary focus. We are singer/songwriters proud to be part of the ancient troubadour traditions integrating heart, sexuality, spirituality, and art. We are also, as a team, practitioners of a healing art Thomas Moore and many Jungians call “care of the soul.” In our case, in addition to private counseling practices, we train and facilitate group work as relational somatic practitioners. We see our music, our writing, our service to others, our retreats, our friendships, our home, all as opportunities to practice the art of life, grounded in caring for the Earth and All Our Relations, treating others with the reverence of soul to soul.

If you've heard of the Dream Brothers' you know about their settings of the poems of Walt Whitman to their unique music. Listen to these as you read his marvelous words, and hear his message come alive. Written around 1859, these visionary poems are amazingly relevant today, expressing Whitman’s honoring of the physical body as indistinguishable from spiritual joy. These are --still and again!-- anthems for a new, hopeful century.

AND ! They've just released a new album called "Songs of The Scrolls of Nef" which is their settings of the poetry from the novel "The Scrolls of Nef" by Gary Glickman. The music is available on this website, the book is available in Kindle as well as in iBooks format and in good ol' print, too! Check out www.scrollsofnef.com.


Stephan David Hewitt is a singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, writer, editor and publisher,  visual artist, and long time Vipassana meditator. His is the baritone voice of The Dream Brothers’ songs. He is also a spiritual counselor using astrology, meditation, Jungian archetypes/dreamwork, and is a Certified Relational Somatic Practitioner. His bi-weekly astrology blog of lunations (Full Moon, New Moon) can be accessed via his website
His album "Inroads," an album of "soundtracks for the imagination," is available at: CDBaby!


Gary Glickman, PhD (Somatic Psychology), is a Somatic-Experiencing Practitioner, lecturer, novelist and songwriter. He is also a cellist, singer, visual artist, Relational Somatic Psychotherapist, teacher, trainer and voice coach in Santa Monica.   With co-DreamBrother Stephan David Hewitt, he facilitates RSP workshops (Relational Somatic Practices) in Los Angeles and on the Big Island of Hawaii

He teaches as adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute, trains facilitators as part of The Threefold Way and is the author of three novels, most recently the "The Scrolls of Nef"(2015). 

Twice a recipient of National Endowment for the Arts Grants (in literature, and Artists as Producers), he is the author of two other novels, Years From Now (Knopf) and Aura (Haworth Press), and composer of two operas, “Orlando, or Love of a Leg” (La Mama La Galleria), and Twelfth Night (American Opera Projects).